Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jogja Village Tourism Destination

JavaBali Trans Wisata specialist service of rent bike for tourism in Jogjakarta available the new package of Jogja Village Tourism Activities using bike. You can enjoy the traditional touris activities in Jogja Villge destination such as: Kelor Village, Tembi house of culture, Imogiri village, Sambi tourism Village, and Mangunan batik Village.An awful lot of activity or activity that can be done in the village in this example: jogja batik learning, studying gamelan, dancing, plowing fields, planting rice, mengembala duck, fringing reefs, caves,  cycling going along those Buffalo, cattle, fishing, bathing the traditional food of Yogyakarta. In this tourist village the tourists get an amazing experience that never forget. they join the associate directly with indigenous peoples and assimilated into doing the activity performed by the inhabitants of the village. When you have a Domestic or Foreign guests who want to get hands-on experience to hang out and blending with the local communities in tourism village tourist Kampong in Yogyakarta tau you can reach us JavaBali Trans Wisata. We provide bundled packages of activities in rural tourism. We also provide package tours cycling in Yogyakarta tourism village. For more details please contact JavaBali Trans Tour:

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